‘It takes a village’: How DLA is home to a strong Catholic community

March 7, 2019 // Written by Amanda Alvarado, Assistant Principal

A parent made a comment “it takes a village” as she gave a gift of a new backpack to a student. The smile on this student’s face is one I will not forget. This comment took me back to our School mission statement. If you have not heard our DLA mission statement, here it is:

The Catholic Dual Language Academy provides a rigorous bilingual multi-cultural education for children of the Omaha community.

We foster future leaders inspired by faith who use their gifts and talents to serve others.

The DLA community consist of many people, students, parents, teachers, para-educators, DLA staff, our parish, administration, the Omaha Catholic School Consortium, the Latino Enrollment Center, Sts. Peter and Paul School, Our Lady of Lourdes School, and the Catholic Schools Office– and that is just some of the people who make our school great! All are an example of current leaders inspired by faith to use their talents and gifts to serve others. Examples of kindness and love are values we want to emphasize in our students. When you walk into our school you will see a collage of our school logo with each of our student’s faces along with teachers and staff. The idea came from our co-principal Andrew Bauer and our parents in Home and School made the image a reality! It is a beautiful symbol of who our school is and how we all come together! If you have not read about our logo design, look at our last blog post.

During Catholic Schools Week earlier this year, we asked families to bring in food donations to help families of our school community and the greater Omaha community going to though time and also those who were affected by the Government Shutdown. Students were so excited to put food into the boxes so they can be given to families in need. This was just one act of service we wanted our students to participate in. We also invited firefighters and police to talk with our students about they use their gifts and talents to serve and help others. It is a beautiful thing to see all members of our school community come together and learn from each other. It really does take a village!

If you are interested in joining us and volunteering at our school in any capacity, please contact Amanda Alvarado at 402-991-3400 or email at aalvarado@omahacsc.org

We try to encourage our students to live mercy outside of school hours as well. If you would like to donate or are thinking about a community service project for your family, here are a couple of places near and dear to us:

The Stephen Center- https://www.stephencenter.org/

The Juan Diego Center- https://www.ccomaha.org/who-we-are/centers/juan-diego-center.html

Open Door Mission- https://www.opendoormission.org/

God Bless!