The Meaning Behind our Logo

Logo Designed by Bill Ervin, EG Integrated

December 2018

Building off of the mosaic theme of the Boston TWIN-CS Network, the tiled mosaic pattern that creates the cross, along with the multi-colored palette, represents the multi-cultural makeup of the school, and the different kinds of people that come together to create positive outcomes.

The floral elements hint to the heritage of Latin American folk art and create a flair that represents the unique learning and energy of the school.

The colors are the three primary colors (red, yellow & blue) making up the vertical part of the cross. The three secondary colors (purple, green and orange) make up the rest of the logo. This palette symbolizes the primary education children receive (vertical bar in primary colors) surrounded by the unique and vibrant multi-cultural dual language education (secondary colors).

The primary school color is red, making up the base of the cross.

The circular frame with the type symbolizes a fully rounded continuum of bilingual education.


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